Natural Cure For Gallstones - Keep Your Gallbladder And Pass Your Gallstones

I am astonished by how many people get gallbladder surgery before trying a gallbladder natural remedy. Maybe it is because most people don't know about natural remedies? Maybe it is because we have become too reliant upon our doctor's recommendation? Maybe it is because we think that gallbladder surgery is the only way to treat gallstones?

Milk thistle, botanically Silybum Adans, is a member of the daisy family that is native to the Mediterranean, the Middle East and North Africa but has also been introduced to California and parts of the eastern side of the USA, and can help with problems such as cirrhosis, gallstones and hepatitis.

In the case of gallstones, you can cure gallstones with a revised diet, lots of fluids, a couple vitamins and a few herbs. In other words, you can KEEP your precious organ, the gallbladder!

Liver cleansing of gallstones may sound odd to many as you may think that the ideal cleaning for gallstones is gallbladder cleansing. However, there are reasons why liver cleansing is the method to take for removal of gallstones.

Kidney stones are as old as the human civilisation. Scientists have found evidence of their existence in a 7000-year-old Egyptian mummy. Despite the passage of several millennia they still constitute one of the most painful urologic disorders.

The bile is made in the liver cells out of water, bile acids, cholesterol, bilirubin and phospholipids. It is used in keeping the levels of cholesterol under control and in the process of absorption of vitamins A, D E and K.

In the keyhole way, the doctor makes three small incisions around the gallbladder and another one in the stomachal area. Then an instrument called laparoscope that has a video camera attached to it is inserted in one of the incisions. Now the doctor can see everything that's happening in there. Through the other orifices that the doctor made other special surgical instruments are inserted. With their help the gallbladder is safely removed from its location and pulled out through the last hole, the one in the abdomen, which is bigger. Afterwards the wounds are closed and in a few days they will heal and the stitches can be removed. Patients recover very quickly after a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, they usually go back home the next day. This is the most popular method.

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